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Mankato Campus Ministry

The Beacon is a gospel-focused ministry located on the MSU campus, here to support students from all campuses in the Mankato area.

Our ministry center is a home-away-from-home to gather with friends, study, do laundry, cook food, drink coffee, play video games, and more.

We are a community where you can learn more about the Bible, grow spiritually, ask questions, learn how to talk about your faith with others, make a positive impact, develop leadership skills, and use your creativity.


We would love to share with you:

our life

At the Beacon, we are about life. Life we have forever because of Jesus and his free grace. We look forward to heaven and dig into the Bible to learn more about that. But the Bible also has a lot to say about life here on earth - to help us get through day to day meanwhile and we study that wisdom, too. What does the Bible have to say about what’s going on in life? God’s Word in the Bible gives us hope.

our hope

At the Beacon, we are about hope. The gospel is the good news of what Jesus has done for you and me, and that fills us with more hope about life. As we study the Bible, God promises our hope and knowledge will continue to grow - even during challenging seasons of life, maybe even especially during challenging seasons. We study this hope in the Bible together and hope to be a positive community for you and each other as we do that.

our community

At the Beacon, we are about community. If you are looking for a positive community to make friends, a home away from home - the Beacon would like to be that place for you. We get together to learn, to worship, to have fun, and also to make a positive impact in our campus community. How can we be a ray of light, and share some hope?

We share life, hope, and community through:

chapel, bible study, service, outreach, & activities.


The Perks

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Our Story

The Beacon was established in 1961 and we have fun hopes and dreams for the future.

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What next?

Are you interested in checking out the Beacon? One of the best times to stop in for the first time is Thursdays around 5:30. Have dinner on us and get to know our community. What other options are available? Stop in to meet pastor on a weekday afternoon, come for a fun activity, or maybe a lunch and learn.