Our hopes & dreams

We are currently developing a vision for the Beacon that resonates with college students today. We are working to update our building to offer a casual coffee shop/gallery vibe where we can gather and chat, be creative, and have fun.

Join us as we look for ways to further shape a creative culture, grow in leadership skills, and develop ways to share our faith and make a positive impact on our community through our campus ministry.

Pastor Nelson arrived at the Beacon in 2018 and is enjoying vision setting for the future along with students and local ministry supporters. Read more about pastor…

Our Story

The roots of the Beacon go way back to a time when MSU was located in the river valley downtown. Our campus ministry had its home in a house in the neighborhood. The Beacon as it is known today was formally established in 1961. From early days until now and into the future, the Beacon has and will hold to the truth of the Bible and share the hope it shines in our lives.

Today, the Beacon is located on Warren Street. We have a ministry center that is here to be a comfortable, safe place for college students to come together to find belonging, hope, and encouragement. Jesus came to meet people where they’re at and share his full forgiveness with everyone! No matter who you are or what your background is, the Beacon Campus Ministry is here for you during the good times and the tough lonely times of college life. Find a quiet place to study, cook, brew coffee, hang out, or do laundry for free. Come and meet a friend who is going through the same kinds of things you are. Chat with a pastor who is interested in you and wants to hear about your questions, struggles, and doubts. Learn more about how you can grow your faith and share Jesus’ love with others in our community. Come over and play some video games or ping pong. Bring your laptop and enjoy free WiFi. We hope the Beacon can be your home away from home, where you can grow your faith and find your campus family.

The Beacon opens daily. You’ll generally find Pastor Nelson there in the afternoon between 12-4. He would love to meet up with you, so feel free to text him at 414-217-0599. On Thursday nights, we have dinner together at 5:30 followed by a short worship service and a bible study. Hope to see you soon at the Beacon.